» » Business terms dealing with money

Business terms dealing with money

Subject Oral and written practice of English

The theme of the lesson: Business terms dealing with money.

 Objectives: to present the key words and the expressions on the theme;

to develop students’ writing, speaking abilities; to practise intensive skills through listening

to bring up to be honest person and to deal carefully with money

Lesson’s type introduction of new material

Teaching techniques reading, writing, Q-A work, speaking, work with questionnaire

Inter subject connection Business English, Practical speech, Economics

Materials used New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate

Procedure of the lesson:



Lesson Phase

Teacher & student interaction


Organization moment

· Greeting (Students will demonstrate how do Indians, Japanese and people in business world greet each other)

· Date and attendance






Introduction of the lesson’s objectives

T: Today we’re going to work with money verbs, listen to the people and complete the gaps, sing the song and do the task.

Look at the title of the lesson and think of any sayings or proverbs in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English that refer to money. (E.g. Теңге-тиыннан, дүние –бұйымнан жиналады; Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей; Money makes the world go round; Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.






Checking up the home work

Use the pictures and cues to write a short story in your notebook. Finish the story in your own words.

talk\decide\go camping

One day Jason and Neil were talking in Jason’s kitchen. They decided to go camping.

* while walk\talk about

* arrive at river\decide to put up tent

* while Jason\put up tent\Neil make fire

* eat\when suddenly\begin to rain

* as get into tent\hear someone







Presentation of new material

Key Words: Money verbs

borrow, collect, earn, lend, lose, make, need, save, spend, win

Teacher: Read the Key Words and find three pairs of ‘near-opposites’ (borrow/lend, save/spend, lose/win). Where the stress comes in borrow and collect?

 Borrow-to use something that belongs to another person and return it later.

Collect-to ask for get money, etc. for a particular purpose.

Earn-to get money for working.

Lend-let someone borrow something you have, especially money.

Lose-to no longer have something you have.

Make-to earn money.

Need-to know, think or believe that something is necessary.

Save-to keep money in order to use it later.

Complete the sentences with the Key Words in the correct form. Use each verb only once.

1. In a casino you can_________ or __________ money very easily!

2. If you ________ money, you can ask a friend to ________ you some or you can ________ some from a bank.

3. His company _________ a lot of money and so he ________ a good salary.

4. She is careful with money – she doesn’t ________ very much. She ________ € 80 a week.

5. At the moment she________ money for charity.

























a) Attitudes to money

Listen to the four speakers and complete the sentences. Use one word in each gap.

Speaker 1

1. The woman has got a good __________.

2. The woman likes spending money, especially on __________.

Speaker 2

3. The man says people think money gives you ___________.

4. He participates in _______ charities.

5. They collect money for children in ________ countries.

Speaker 3

6. The man has been out of work for ________ years.

7. He says it’s __________ to get a job at his age.

Speaker 4

8. The woman prefers to give money to charities for __________.













b) Listen to the song and complete the gaps

So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star?

by R. McGuinn and C.Hillman

 So you want to be a rock n roll star?

Then listen now to what I’ve got to say

Just get an electric 1_________

And take some time to learn how to play

And when your 2__________combed right,

and your pants fit tight

It's gonna be alright

Then it's time to go downtown

where the agent man won't let you down

Sell your 3_______to the company

Who are waiting there to sell plastic ware

And in a week or two if you make the 4________

the girls’ll tear you apart

The price you paid for your riches and 5_______

Was it all a strange game you're a little insane

But it's a game and the public acclaim

Don't forget who you are you're a rock n roll star

La la la la la la la

1. Guitar 2 hairs 3 soul 4 charts 5 fame















T –S1 S2…






Check the meaning of the multi part verbs in bold below in the Mini-dictionary. Then answer the questionnaire.

The questionnaire

How good are you with money?

1. When you get a present of money, what do you do?

a spend it

b put it into my bank account

c keep it at home

2. When you want to buy something expensive, what do you do?

a save up for it

b borrow money from my mum or dad

c arrange a bank loan

3. Imagine that a rich relative opens a savings account for you with €1,000 in it. What do you do?

a put more money into the account

b give the money away to a charity

c take the money out and spend it

4. When you want to buy something (e.g. a CD player), which of these things do you do?

a buy the first one you see

b ask a friend for advice

c shop around and look for special offers

5. Do you ever ask for a discount when you are shopping?

a yes, I always do

b no, never

c sometimes

Score points as follows: 1 a) 0 b) 3 c) 1; 2 a) 3 b) 1 c) 0; 3 a) 3 b) 1 c) 0; 4 a) 0 b) 1 c) 3; 5 a) 3 b) 0 c) 1;

10-15 points: very good with money\ 5-9 points: quite good with money\ 0-4 points: not very good with money

 v Work in pairs. Find out how good with money your partner is. Tell the class.

Example: Aishan is not very good with money! She should be more careful with her money.
















T –S1 S2…

















Giving marks and home task

Ø Learn by heart the Key words of the lesson;

Ø Exercises 1,2 Page 37 Language Powerbook

Money. Complete the crossword.

Write another sentence for each verb in exercise 1 in your notebooks.






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