Carol’s kitchen

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Сарға ауылы «Жанкелдин атындағы орта мектебі» ММ ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Ибрагимова Жадыра Құрманбайқызы


Theme of the lesson:Carol’s kitchen.

The aims:

Educational:learners will be able to learn grammar materials there is\ there are.

-learn to speak about flats\houses.

-ask and answer questions about flats\houses.

Developing:to develop learners’ habits and skills in reading, writing and speaking. To develop their vocabulary.

Bringing-up:to teach learners to keep their rooms clean, to protect the nature, to help there parents.

The type:introduction of the new material.

The methods:question-answer, game, group work.

The connection with other subjects:Kazakh, Russian, Art.

The visual aids:pictures, cards, the active board, flash cards.

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment:

Greeting, checking the attendance.

II. Checking the homework.‘Pen in the middle.’

Ex: 8

I will divided into two groups with help to coloured cards.

1stgroup: "Quick-witted”

2ndgroup: "Experts”

III. Presentation of the new lesson:

Today we have a demonstrative lesson. Look at this interactive board.

Warm-up:Look at the interactive board. Guess the words according to their definitions.

  1. a cooker- A thing used for cooking food.
  2. a dish- A machine for washing dishes automatically.
  3. a washing machine- A for washing clothes.
  4. a sink- A wash basin.
  5. a fridge- A piece of equipment that is used for storing food at low temperature.
  6. a cupboard- A piece of furniture with a door and unusual shelves used for storage.
  7. a cup- A small open container used for drinking.
  8. a plate- A food dish.
  9. a fork- An instrument consisting of handle with three or four tines which are usually metal.
  10. a knife- An instrument used for cutting.
  11. In which room can you find all of these things?
  12. IV. Phonetic drill.New words. Read and repeat after teacher

A cooker [kukә] -ас пісіруші, газ

A dishwasher [diswoSә] –ыдыс жуушы

A washing machine [woSing mә’Sin] –кір жуатын машина

A sink [sink] –қол жуатын жер

A radio [reidiәu] - радио

Cups [kaps] - шыны аяқтар

A fridge [fridз] - тоңазытқыш

Cupboards [kabәds] - ыдыс қоятын шкафтар

Plates [pleits] – тәрелкелер

V. Work with the book.Look at the text "Carol’s kitchen”. Listen to the teacher, then read after the teacher.

There is\are.

We use "there is” in singular from. For example: There is a sofa in the living room. Is there a sofa in the living room?

We use "there are” in plural form. For example: There are two armchairs in the living room. Are there two armchairs in the living room?

Exercise: 7.

VI. A song:"Hello!”

This is a kitchen. Look at the picture and fill in this association. Complete this chart.








Word scramble. You must make words from these letters.

I group: 1. RAMHIRCA- , 2. TIEEIVSINO-, 3. OEREST- ;

II group: 1. ERUTCIP - ,2. WIWNDO - ,3. RCATEP - ;

VII. Conclusion of the lesson:Let’s play game. Which word is the odd one?

Pepsi, lemonade, carpet, juice.

India, Spain, France, plate.

Sofa, tigers, giraffes, bears.

Usually, chair, often, never.

German, table, Turkish, Chinese.

VIII. Home task:Exercise: 15, Write. My kitchen. page 80.

IX.Formative assessment.

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