The country of language

№ 207 «Жаңатұрмыс» орта мектебінің ағылшын пәнінің мұғалімі Сыздықова Гүлзира
The theme: The country of language
The aim: to develop pupil’s intellect, to practice hearing, speaking, to memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt
The method: the game
I.Organization moment
Good afternoon, dear pupils and guests! Glad to see you in the country of language. You know that is our country is multinational. For today each citizen should know as a minimum 3 languages. Today we are going to prove it.
II.The main part of the game
1.T he first round introduction
1-team England
2-team Kazakhstan
1. " Welcome to our country!”
The republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the Central Asia. It’s population is about 17 million people. The population lives mostly in town and cities and large villages. The largest cities are Almaty, Karaganda, Shimkent, Pavlodar and Astana. Astana is the capital of the Republic. Astana is situated in the Central part of the country, Kazakh is the official language of the country. Kazakhstan is the largest state in the Central Asia. Kazakhstan borders China, Russia, Turkmenstan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizia. There is a language border coast line on the Caspian sea in the Southwest.
Answer the questions
1.Where is Kazakhstan located? (in the Central Asia)
2. What countries do Kazakhstan border on? (China, Russia, Turkmenstan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizia)
3. The language of Kazakh people? (Kazakh)
4. The capital of Kazakhstan (Astana)
2. London
London is not only the capital and the largest city of the UK. It’s population is about 8and a half million. London is a multinational city. London is a great educational and cultural centre. The most important parts of London are the City of London, The East End, The West End and Westminister.
London has many great and wonderful sights. There are many beautiful buildings in London. Among there are Houses of Parliament, the Bank of England and the British museum.
1. The capital of UK?
2. 2. What is the population of London?
3. 3. What places of interest can you visit if you are in London?
II. Who is the fastest?
1.What is Big Ben?
2.When 20 people of Kazakhstan celebrate the Independence Day? (on the 16th of December )
3. Who is the famous Kazakh poet and writer? (Abai)
4. What colo9ur of our flag? (blue)
5. What traditional sports of Kazakhstan do you know?
6. There are many country in the world (Russia)

III. "Missing letter”
Lon_on Rus_ia
Kazak_stan New-Yo_k
U_bekistan C_ina
Ind_a Fran_e

IV.Name the capital of the following countries
Kazakhstan - Astana
Russia – Moscow
France – Paris
Italy - Rome
Great Britain – London
China – Beijing
Spain – Madrid
India – Delhi

V. Riddles Your answer will be in English

Я бычок, но не реву
Потому, что я влюбленный
Я люблю щипать траву
И любимый цвет (blue)

Говорила мама Боре
Не пойдекм сейчас – опасно
Потому, что в светофоре
Не зеленый светб а (red)

Higher than a house
Higher than a tree
Oh, whatever can that be? (star)
It’s white
It’s cold
You can sky on it
What is it? (snow)
A big black bag
Bit a big black bear
Peter Piper
Picked a pack of picked peppers
Teacher: Dear friends! Our competition is over. Let’s look at our results. I wish you success and luck.
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